Burial of ashes in cemetery

In Vienna cemeteries there are four modes for burial of ashes.

We describe these funeral modes in details, as follows:

Urn chamber

There are urn chamber sections in all Vienna cemeteries. Due to small space, this one is the most affordable method for ashes’ burial, if you choose cemetery for final resting place for ashes of your loved one.

When fixing and ordering the burial, granite, marble or artificial stone cover of urn chamber is ordered as well. There are single or double urn chambers suitable for ashes of one or two deceased’s. Urn chambers can be prepayed for 10 or 20 years. 

Urn grave

This mode of burial gets more and more popular. Urn containing ashes of the deceased is put into the ground, within a stone-cube, so called caisson chest, which prevents urn(s) from contacting the ground.

Ground is buried back onto the closed caisson chest containing the urn(s). Tombstone may even be set up immediately after the funeral.

In urn grave, there can be buried maximum four urns with ashes.

Urn graves can be prepayed for 10 years normally, but for longer period as well.

Crypt for urn

In cemeteries, crypt for urn is set up in advance, so cover have to be produced by the time of burial. The urn is placed in the superstructure, above the ground level.  Depending on the design of crypt, it can be suitable even for four urns. Higher price of urn burials to crypt is due to the fee of superstructure, which is included in the price of the grave. Crypts for urn can be prepayed for 10 years normally, but can be prepayed for longer period also. 

Existing coffin grave

Urn containing ashes of the deceased is buried into an existing coffin grave.

If the tomb closed with a cover, the stonemason specialist opens grave for funeral, afterwards takes cover back on the grave and engraves name and dates of birth and death of the deceased.

Burial of urn into coffin grave does not extend expiry date of the grave. Burial of ashes to a grave is usually done in an urn coffin. 

Process of entire administration and ceremony:

We have Death Certificate of the deceased issued at territorially competent mayor’s office.

We fix and book burial date as per your needs and we also settle costs of the ceremony at the cemetery in advance.

Our staff will help you to find the suitable grave type, in which the deceased's ashes can be put to final rest.

We organize farewell orator of the spiritual or civil ceremony - priest or civil speaker – to participate in the funeral.  Meanwhile, we take the deceased from hospital or mortuary to the crematorium. After cremation, ashes put in hermetically sealed urn insertion, showing data of the deceased and of cremation irremovably.

Next we transfer ashes to the cemetery and hand over to cemetery staff.

Burial of ashes takes place by the chosen method, as per spiritual or civil ceremony.

According to your needs we undertake  procurement of Dead Inspection Certificate from hospital, we pay cooling fee (if any), we order dressing  with handing over clothes and making up the deceased. If death occured out of medical institution, we obtain health officer’s permit for cremation.