Burial of urn to river Danube

It is possible to bury ashes of the deceased to river Danube in exclusive conditions, by a touching ceremony.

In case that you or the deceased have any memory or connection to the river Danube, or if you wouldn’t bury the remains of your beloved one in cemetery, we offer you this method of funeral.

This mode of burial compensates impersonality of cremation by elegant interior and emphatic staff of ship. After funeral, mourners stay together on board, until ship’s docking.

Ship is air-conditioned, providing comfortable temperature in summer and in winter as well. 

Our service includes the following:

Administration fee, which contains of

  • obtaining Dead Inspection Certificate from hospital

  • arranging the missing certifications from Registrar’s Office

  • having Death Certificate issued

  • acquisition of cremation permit from Health Office

  • informing Pension Authority of death case

Cremation fee

Cremation supplies as follows:

  • cremation coffin

  • urn insertion holding ashes

  • plastic sanitary napkin

Freight of the deceased as follows:

  • Transport the deceased to the crematorium from hospital

  • Returning the ashes from the crematorium to our office

  • Delivery of water degradable bio urn containing the ashes to the ship

Funeral services of ashes aboard

Top wreath onto the urn

Water-degradable bio urn

Process of full administration and ceremony:

We obtain Death Certificate and other documents needed at Registrar’s Office. We fix exact time of burial and settle costs of ceremony in advance.

We organize spiritual or civil memorial orator making speech on ceremony.

We take care of transportation the deceased’s body from Pathology to the crematorium. After cremation, ashes are put into a sealed plastic urn insertion, indicating data of the deceased and identification marks of cremation indelibly.

Thereafter, the ashes are returned to our office, and are put into the selected water-degradable bio urn, then delivered to the ship where ship's captain takes the urn over. 

Half an hour before the start of the funeral, crew of ship welcome the bereaved relatives participating at the service on board.

Ship departs slowly, swanning towards the site of launching of ashes.

On the way the spiritual or civil ceremony takes place, paying tribute to the deceased. 

By the end of the farewell speech, ship arrives at the burial site where crew launches the urn containing the ashes of the deceased to the river Danube. The urn still immersed in the waves. Mourners say goodbye to the deceased, throwing a flower into water of river Danube. The ship returns to its starting point. 

We obtain Dead Inspection Certificate and other documents needed, we pay hospital cooling fee (if any), we arrange dressing and making-up the deceased.

If death occured out of health institute, we have the cremation permission issued by Health Officer. 

Banquet aboard after funeral:

After the burial participants can be hosted for some refreshment, sandwiches, etc. No need to prepare, we organize banquet as per your requirements. After launching urn into the waves, set table and buffet will wait for mourners aboard. 

Our staff take care of everything for you! 

You’ll get informed of all details by visiting our office or by phone.