Documents required

Don’t you know where the documents of the deceased are? No time for queuing at the offices for the missing documents?

You don’t even have to. Leave it to us, we'll take care instead of you! 

A death is the greatest tragedy that can access the family. In this case, lots of thoughts circulate in people's minds, unanswered. There’s no time, no energy to search for documents of the deceased, and if not found, then waste a lot of time in bureaucratic agencies, by waiting long or queuing.

It doesn’t have to be your task!

Among others, it also includes our tasks to releive you of these burdens, obtaining the missing documents instead of you, which are necessary for having the Death Certificate of the deceased issued.

If you order our company to conduct the burial or cremation of the deceased, we will get all necessary documents for you!

Let’s see the list of documents required:  

  • Identity Card of the deceased

  • Birth Certificate of the deceased

  • Marriage Certificate, if the deceased was married

  • Divorce Certificate, if the deceased was divorced

  • Death Certificate of spouse, if the decease was a widow(er)

  • Dead Inspection Certificate of the deceased

If the deceased was born abroad and died in Austria then the registrar may require a certified translation of the Birth Certificate of the deceased to German language. Of course, we can also assist you in such a case. 

Let us do the exhausting arrangements, enabling you to pay attention to really important things: to order a worthy funeral ceremony for your loved one and preserve the memory of the deceased.