Memorial ceremony

We do help you to arrange the funeral of a dignified milieu.

We arrange the funeral speech for spiritual or civil ceremony. Experienced civil orator will make the farewell speech, as per your choice.

If you want to bury your loved one of a religious ceremony, than we fix date of funeral with Catholic or Protestant Priest.

Schedule of civil ceremony:

Prior to funeral speech, soft waiting music is played at catafalque hall, or at place of scattering of ashes. The memorial orator is starting funeral ceremony with valedictory.

A farewell orator submits a pre-arranged text with family, valedictory may contain poems, chants, or prayers as well. Generally, memorial speech mentions thought-provoking moments in connection with the deceased, and also tries to offer some solace to the mourners.

Funeral procession – led by the orator – accompany deceased to the last journey to the final resting place. At the grave, the orator says farewell to the deceased by reciting a poem, then on behalf of the bereaved takes leave of their beloved deceased.

On placing the coffin or urn to the final resting place – memorial orator delivers compassion to the mourning family.