Taking ashes home

Do you want to have your beloved one’s ahes around or was it the last wish of the deceased to take home the ashes?

We have the solution! You don’t have to go anywhere else just to our office, where our staff inform you of easiest and quickest administration. In addition, we provide you such a favourable price level, which you do not get anywhere else!

We disburden you of waiting or queueing at bureucratic offices to obtain missing documents. We arrange it for you!

Below we inform you of modes of cremation of the deceaseded and handover ashes to the bereaved. 

Brief description of our service:

We have Death Certificate of the deceased issued at territorially competent mayor’s office. Meanwhile, we take the deceased from hospital or mortuary to the crematorium. After cremation, ashes put in sealed urn insertion will be returned to our office. You will receive ashes in the chosen ornamental urn. 

Staff of AEVUM Funerals take care all administrative tasks needed for organizing cremation of the deceased, as per the follows:

  • obtaining Death Certificate of deceased

  • getting Dead Inspection Certificate from hospital

  • having cremation permit issued by Health Office

  • fixing time of cremation with crematorium

  • notifying pension authorities of death case if needed

  • enabling home placement of ashes  

In case it is important to you to receive the ashes of beloved relatives as the soonest for any reason, then - after consultation - we undertake the transaction of the cremation and handing over the urn within 24 hours.

If asking for strict and personalized service, or having personal ideas and wishes then please fill out the form below, so that you can quickly and easily send us your inquiry.

Inquiry for taking cremated ashes home

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