Transport from home

We help you by delivering your deceased loved one from home, expertly, meeting the piety requirements and expectations, for fair price, to a mortuary of affordable cooling fees.

If death case occurs out of health insitute, you have the choice of appointing an undertaker, to arrange the legal duties and to manage and organize the whole funeral later on. You will surely be better off by choosing AEVUM Funerals Ltd. for both tasks.

If the doctor performing the dead inspection can not clearly determine the cause of death, it is required to order further examination of the deceased. In this case, organizing of the transport is the responsibility of the doctor, but you can make proposals for which funeral company should be called.

We undertake transport of the deceased from home or from social institute, and we provide proper storage and cooling of the body until cremation or burial. 

Report a transportation of deceased non-stop:

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