Coffin burial in Vienna cemetery

We offer entire organization of traditional coffin burials in Vienna cemeteries, for the bereaved contacting our company.

Our service primarily covers the cemeteries in Vienna, but of
course, we undertake the transport and burial of the deceased to another cemeteries as well, with arranging all administration in such cases arise. 

In Vienna cemeteries, we book date for funeral as per your demand and we find out status and validity of existing grave if any. In our showroom, you can choose among the whole variety of coffins, from simple quality up to oak wood models. We have wide range of coffins, so that relatives can find the proper quality for their needs.

The service fee covers the following items:

1. Administration fee, which includes

  • obtaining Dead Inspection Certificate in hospital

  • arranging replacement of missing Birth Certificates, if any

  • having the deceased's Death Certificate issued

  • providing permission for opening existing grave from Health Office

  • reporting death case to pension authority

2. Shipping fee – transport of the deceased to cemetery from hospital or mortuary

3. Funeral Supplies

  • drapped coffin, with pillow

  • shroud

  • subtitle on coffin

  • grave cross or headboard

  • nameplate for grave cross/ headboard

4. Cemetery Fee *

This fee can be given correctly upon checking data with cemetery, by knowing registry number of the existing grave and year of the last burial to it.

That’s why we suggest to ask for an online offer, when you can give those data, so that we can send you an accurate offer.

(* Cemetery fee is made up of several mediated services, which are billed by Friedhöfe Wien GmbH. to our company. Exact fees can be calculated based on your needs, so we recommend you to use the Request for Quotation option.) 



Process of entire administration and ceremony:

We have Death Certificate of the deceased issued with the necessary documents at territorially competent mayor’s office.

We fix and book burial date as per your needs and we also settle costs of the ceremony at the cemetery in advance.

We organize farewell orator of the spiritual or civil ceremony – priest or civil speaker – to participate in the funeral.  

We transfer deceased to the cemetery and hand over to cemetery staff.

We emphasize that our company carries out transportation of the deceased with the coffin that you selected in the showroom. We will help you to choose the drapped coffin, grave cross or headboard with nameplate, subtitle for coffins, shroud, clod catcher or coffin ornaments for funeral.

In case coffin is to be buried to an existing grave, we properly take care of dismantling, transporting and storage of sepulcher as well.

After memorial ceremony held in catafalque hall of cemetery, coffin is placed to the hearse and funeral procession will start to the grave. The funeral procession led by the priest or civil orator, followed by hearse carrying the deceased and then the bereaved relatives.

Arriving to final place of rest, coffin will be lowered to the grave, mourners bid farewell to their loved one with flowers or a fistful of soil thrown to the coffin in the grave.

Finally, the cemetery staff will cover grave back, place grave marker and flowers, wreaths on it. As last, bereaved family receives condolences from friends, colleagues and acquaintances appeared at the funeral. 

According to your needs we undertake  procurement of Dead Inspection Certificate an Statictic Datasheet from hospital, we pay cooling fee (if any), we order dressing  with handing over clothes and making up the deceased. We take care the whole cemetery administration, and in case of existing grave, we obtain permission of Health Office for opening the grave as well.