What to do when someone dies?

The only essential thing for you is to get in touch with our colleagues the soonest!

It is important to let us know the death occurred as soon as possible, enabling us to minimize costs which unnecessarily burden you financially. There are such prizes and we know how to avoid them!

Important decisions: which funeral company picks up the deceased from home, what services you pay for at pathology of the hospital. We know all the necessary costs, so you will be charged only by those at AEVUM Funerals Ltd.

We fully take care of the tasks regarding death occurred. We provide all administration at hospital, we obtain Death Certificate and permit for cremation.

In case you wish to put coffin or urn of your beloved one to rest in a Vienna cemetery, we prepare the existing grave ready for burial, and arrange all the occuring formalities in cemetery, also fixing the time of funeral upon your demand.

Necessary work with tombstones is organized by us as well (e.g., unbuilding, imprinting of name etc.) as needed. 

If death occurs in health institute: 

You have to go to the section of hospital where death occured. You get personal belongings, identity card of the deceased, and discharge report of hospital. If you would like to call to dispense autopsy, the relevant form must be completed in hospital department.

You do not have to go to Pathology. Usuallly, it takes some days while Death Inspection Certificate is completed.

We take care and arrange all required tasks at Pathology instead of you.

Practical solution is to visit our office and discuss all necessary taskes with our colleagues in calm condition. We can arrange them for you almost completely. You may also give us a call first, enabling us to inform you entirely.

In case death occurs at home:

In case the doctor performing death inspection can not clearly determine the cause of death, deceased will be transported to the competent medical insitute, usually to the nearest hospital. In this case, the doctor calls an undertaker company to arrange transportation of the body. However, cooling fees after the autopsy of the deceased and - if you order it - dress up fee will be charged to the bereaved. That’s why it is important to contact and inform AEVUM Funerals Ltd. the soonest, enabling us to reduce those costs as much as possible. 

If death occurs in public place:

In this case, Police will take care of the transportation of the deceased. Destination of delivery depends on result of death inspection, whether doctor can determine cause of the death, and can exclude possibility of foul play.

Depending the result of death inspection, body can be delivered to morgue, hospital or forensic institution. If Police investigates the case, Funeral Permission must be obtained prior to burial. Of course, we take care of it as well. 

In case death occurs abroad:

If death occurs abroad, special permissions will be needed to repatriate the deceased’s body to Austria. In different countries, various documents are required for administration. Generally, Death Certificate and permission of local health officer and transport license of Austrian Consulate are essential to begin with repatriation.

In Mediterranean states, there are further administrative complications, such as claim of proof of embalming, permissions of local authorities (Police, Prosecution), pre-payment of charges occured in hospital/local undertaker, and finally, valid registry of Austrian Undertaker company to that country.

Our company is fully prepared to carry out the administration processes listed above, with guarantee of the repatriation of the deceased within the shortest term, meanwhile reducing costs as much as possible.