Scattering of ashes

The deceased's ashes can be scattered in Budapest cemeteries, at scattering parcels.

Today, there is a growing demand for this service, which has several reasons. On the one hand, the deceased made his will, or even the life of the statements to apply this method, on the other hand, increasing the choice of scattering of ashes of financial reasons. If choosing scattering of ashes, there are no further costs as paying for flowers or wreaths, for setting a tombstone or for grave maintanence fee. Amount payed for scattering of ashes is the total and final cost of this funeral method.

There are three cemeteries in Budapest where ashes can be scattered: Újköztemető Cemetery, Óbuda Cemetery and Fiumei Road Graveyard. In Hungary scattering of ashes is fully accepted as funeral method.

In winter, from the 19th November - or from start permanent winterfrosts – until the 15th of March, only Fiumei Road Graveyard and Újköztemető Cemetery are open for scattering of ashes in Budapest. The winter scattering service is of extra cemetery charges. 

Our service includes the following:

Administration fee, which contains of

  • obtaining Dead Inspection Certificate from hospital

  • arranging the missing certifications from Registrar’s Office

  • having Death Certificate issued

  • acquisition of cremation permit from Health Office

  • informing Pension Authority of death case

Cremation fee

Cremation supplies as follows:

  • cremation coffin

  • urn insertion holding ashes

  • plastic sanitary napkin

Freight of the deceased as follows:

  • Transport the deceased to the crematorium from hospital

  • Returning of the ashes of the crematorium to the cemetery

Cemetery fees

  • All fees related to scattering of ashes

Process of entire administration and ceremony:

We have Death Certificate of the deceased issued at territorially competent mayor’s office.

We fix and book scattering date as per your needs and we also settle costs of the ceremony at the cemetery in advance.

We organize farewell orator of the spiritual or civil ceremony - priest or civil speaker – to participate in the funeral. Meanwhile, we take the deceased from hospital or mortuary to the crematorium. After cremation, ashes put in hermetically sealed urn insertion, showing data of the deceased and of cremation irremovably.

Next we transfer ashes to the cemetery of scattering and hand over to cemetery staff.

Scattering of ashes takes place, as per spiritual or civil ceremony.  

  • According to your needs we undertake  procurement of Dead Inspection Certificate from hospital, we pay cooling fee (if any), we order dressing  with handing over clothes and making up the deceased. If death occured out of medical institution, we obtain health officer’s permit for cremation and missing documents from Registrar’s Office as well.

  • We arrange communication with hospital and with crematorium.

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