Remembrance diamond

Algordanza is an internationally known and innovative Swiss company, founded in 2004, located in Chur.

Their product is a pioneering and visionary mode of burial. Algordanza means „remembrance” – they create individual diamonds of deceased loved one’s ashes.

The Algordanza memorial gemstone embodies the memory of our deceased's. The eternal symbol of proximity, timelessness and love. The most personal and wonderful way for the bereaved to keep the memory of their loved one.

The Algordanza memorial gemstones are completely unique and exclusively made of the cremation ashes only. Every step of the manufacturing process is fully documented. The diamond will be delivered with a certificate, which contains the chemical analysis of the ashes as well. This is the jewel of remembrance.

The memorial diamond shines in beautiful fire. The color is white, but - shades can be of blue - depending on the Boron content of carbon. There are no two similar stones, such as no two people are alike, either.

In Switzerland Algordanza transform cremated ashes of loved relative to a unique and beautiful diamond, by a well-known Russian technology.

After preparing and analyzing, ashes treated by high pressure and temperature for weeks.

Then the finished diamond is cut to the desired size and shape, and polished. Unique engraving can be made onto the stone by a special micro-laser tool, on separate request.

You will receive remembrance diamond in an elegant wooden box, which may be placed on a black granite base on request.

Diamond will be handed over by a representative of Algordanza. Other forms of takeover are possible as well. 

Algordanza treat all orders with the utmost respect and effort - dignity of the deceased's is the most important to us.

We willingly inform you about the details of the entire process, our policies, control and security. Please give us a call or fill our contact request form - we will readily serve you personally by giving further advice and information.