Funeral self-care

Dear Reader, 

AEVUM Funerals Ltd. started with a funeral self-care program that benefits all parties, safe, affordable and legally accepted construction, which is out of place in both the short and long terms.

You can take care and decide in advance of method, place and ceremony of your own future funeral.

Sad fact - several families today not only have to cope with the loss of their beloved one, arranging a funeral causes serious financial difficulties. 

Self-care product suite – for case of death

The funeral self-care product suite is designed for persons who want to take care of their own or a relative’s funeral.

Sometimes, there is no family member or relative, who would care for one’s funeral.

In case of deteriorated family relationships, money has been set aside for funeral, may spent on something else by relatives.

By insuring financial coverage of own dignified funeral, you release your family of financial and organizational arrangements in advance. Calculated amount of service can be payed in a lump-sum or by installments.

If our service description has raised your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us, so that we can serve you with development of all details. 

Who is funeral self-care for?

We suggest our service to single persons who will not have any relative to cover funeral later on.

For couples, where after death of one of them, the contract provides the surviving spouse's funeral without any further charge. 

For children, grandchildren who wish to insure dignified funeral for their parents or grandparents in advance, reassuring them this way.

For persons wishing to sign contract with no health inspection, undertaking lump-sum payment term.

For those who can set aside a small amount for funeral expenses, so can perform payment by installments.

A responsible member of the family who wants to take care of financial and other circumstances of funeral, pre-sparing beloved relatives from significant costs.  

What are the benefits of funeral self-care for you?

There is no risk that you run out of money for the burial date or money spent on something else.

In the contract you may strictly dispose of your own future funeral – all of conditions, details, location, even of the participants – as this way you can be your own funeral director.

Funeral self-care results spiritual comfort, financial security and peace in family.

Compared with savings or life insurance, cardinal advantage of funeral self-care that pre-chosen memorial ceremony, method- and professional conduct of funeral service are also included.

Funeral self-care is the possibly best solution, as you make contract directly with the company providing the service later on, bypassing and saving commission of dealers and significant profit of insurance companies.

In case of special provision and adequate coverage - uniquely in the country – person deceased abroad will be repatriated to Austria.

Professional past, cross-country network of funeral companies of our owner, and money deposited in an Austrian bank are the warranty that our Clients will have the chosen funeral ceremony and method, even after decades.

You do not even have to worry that after your death bank will freeze the money and your relatives can only get it long after, to pay for your funeral expenses.

You can sign a contract for yourself or in favor of parent, grandparent, friend or other relative as beneficiary also. 

How can one take the advantages of funeral self-care? 

On contacting us, our staff will assess your needs strictly and calculate costs of the future funeral. We sign documents and contract regarding the subsequent funeral in our office, and hand over a copy to you.

Amount of the contract can be payed in cash in our office, our can be placed on deposit account of our company within 8 working days. From the moment we receive the relevant amount, you are assured your future funeral so will you ordered it. 


If the above are close to your ideas or having further questions on the funeral self-care program, please do not hesitate to call our number  or fill our contact request form enabling us to call you answering your questions.