Privacy policy, cookies

AEVUM Funerals Ltd. (hereinafter Provider) respects users’ privacy. Provider acts in accordance with the provisions of law of protection of personal data and disclosure of public information.

Provider collects, manages and uses data for maintanance, development and protection of Provider’s own services and for specific purposes arising from services, for the shortest possible period of time, using thrift- and avoidance of data as well.

Websites of Provider can be visited and browsed freely, without providing any personal data. However, there are kind of services on Provider’s websites, which necessarily requires data, such as online shopping, data pages or fill-out forms. 

In these cases, necessary data are recorded only for the online transactions, for billing and delivering home the ordered product, and as long as it is absolutely necessary only,  including period of claim and guarantee, warranty cases range. Thus, storage conditions of the contract in order to prove the case later as well. Subsequently, data will be deleted.

Provider is not entitled to forward data of customer to a third party, excepting customer has expressly agreed, or if the third person is a service related business partner of Provider. Confidentiality obligation of associated companies lies with the same content of this statement.

Provider and associated companies will not accept liability for data obligation of other parties.  

The service users can prohibit the processing of data in a written statement sent to the Provider, prior and during utilizing services. 

Managing Cookies

Cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Website uses cookies to note the information, such as language and other settings used by your visit. Upon using these data Provider makes your next visit more fluent and easier on using the website. website (operated by Provider) places cookies at your PC to provide more accurate information for you while browsing the website. You automatically accept placing cookies on your PC by browsing website.

Cookies provide information anonymously, so your personal data are completely safe, Provider will not know them. Cookies used by provider’s website are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time so your computer will be automatically will be free of cookies at the same time. 

If you have enabled cookies on your browser and you still see a message showing that your browser cookie-functions are turned off, try to open a new window in your browser, or close any other open tabs.

If you continue having problems, try clearing the cache and delete cookies.