International repatriations

Our company relieve you by providing international repatiation of the deceased and all related administrative tasks. You give us an order, the rest is of our business. 

AEVUM Funerals Ltd. entirely undertake international repatriation of Austrian citizens dead abroad, arranging full administration, obtaining necessary documents, licences and permits, we deliver coffin with the body to the cemetary assigned.

We also deal with international repatriation of foreign citizens dead in Austria, with procurement of necessary consular- and health office permits for delivery and repatriation mortal remains, in appropriate coffin meeting international standards, up to the cemetery assigned as destination.

On demand, we receive mortal remains of Austrian citizen dead abroad on airport, with transferring to the cemetery or health institute as per disposal of the bereaved.

We organize cremation of foreign citizens dead in Austria as well, and provide delivery of urn with cremated ashes all around the world.

The costs incurred abroad will be found out exactly, and only the necessary fees shall be prepayed. After the repatriation of the deceased, we clear incurred and prepayed fees with our Client.

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International contact: +43 676 552-1140

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