Price guarantee

Everyone is looking for the best deal on the internet. We know.

AEVUM Funerals Ltd. guarantee you the best price for funeral services! 

In case you find the same funeral service and accessories at a cheaper price level, we shall do our best to prepare funeral offer even on a lower price!

This requires that you let us know of this fact and we should receive the written offer. The rest of our business.

You will find the best offer at AEVUM Funerals Ltd.! We are sure, that’s why we put it down! The point of price guarantee is that you can be absolutely sure, the you get the best cost calculation for funerals at AEVUM Funerals Ltd.

We darely describe such a written guarantee for the funeral services, as we know the pricing used in cemeteries and of other funeral service providers. Thus, we dare to report that our company provides the cheapest price level for you! 

Surely you are very annoyed if the offer you received would not be valid after a few days, or would contain additional, hidden costs were not provided in advance.

This would not happen to you at AEVUM Funerals Ltd.!

We guarantee that we supply funeral services at price level indicated in our offer!

Give us a try, honor your trust in our company!